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forex The Art of Avoiding Defeat
« on: January 29, 2019, 05:58:39 PM »
If asked forex traders about what might result from a trading position, it is usually answered, "win or loss". In fact, there is actually a third choice, you can also close the trading position in break even condition. "The Art of Avoiding Defeat" like this has been used by insurance business companies to achieve success, and can be learned tips for our trading too.

The Art of Avoiding Defeat

Even though it doesn't win, it doesn't have to bear the loss

According to Boris Schlossberg in his latest trading note, "The Art of Avoiding Defeat" may be one of the least valued skills in day trading. In fact, this is a basic strategy in insurance companies and casinos.

The well-known insurance company intensively invites people to buy premiums, but once a potential customer shows the risk of claiming, then immediately dodges looking for reasons to not have to pay claims. Insurance in the US is even trying to exclude diseases that have been suffered by customers from the list of coverage, such as heart disease, pregnancy, and so forth.
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Similarly in Las Vegas, casinos will prevent players from counting cards in a Blackjack game. Anyway, anything that can increase the likelihood of a customer winning, then that is not allowed as much as possible.
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Crafty? Unfair?
We may complain about the insurance business error and the bad gambling at the Casino, but this also teaches us some things about forex trading. That is, about the importance of finding ways in which even if they don't win, we also don't have to bear loss.